MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob

The year was 1991. Coming off his award winning appearance two years prior in the Paula Abdul video 'Opposites Attract' MC Skat Kat busted onto the scene with his own album. Fast forward nine years. I become the first person in history to purchase said album. To make sure that I am the last, it is presented here in its entirity.

  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Inside Cover

    Here are some things I stole from a Paula Abdul fan page. I figured I'd better mirror them, because we all know how unreliable Paula Abdul fans can be.

  • MC Skat Kat jacket giveaway

    You too can be as cool as the demon mexican boy and the giant girl about to slap him.

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    The Album

  • Big Time
    In this song he claims to be richer than Michael Jackson. I have concluded that he is referring to cartoon money.

  • I Ain't No Kitty
    Skat Kat feels the need to emphasize his badassosity. As if the suspenders and goatee did not make it clear enough.

  • No Dogs Allowed
    Seeing as how Skat Kat is a cat, you would assume this song to be about how he doesn't like dogs. In assuming that, you would be quite the fool, because as it turns out this song is actually about how he doesn't like ugly girls.

  • Gotta Get Up
    I don't know what this song is about. It appears to be just sort of a stream of conciousness thing that strings random cliches together, but its got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

  • Kat in the Casino
    MC Skat Kat details his gambling problem, and also, kills someone. I wonder why they thought a cartoon cat needed a 'rep.'

  • On the Prowl
    The biggest question in my mind after hearing this song is: What is a 'tenderoni'?

  • Skat Strut
    The big single. Not only does Skat Kat mention the Ninja Turtles but in one of the most ironic moments of early 90s pop culture, he actually disses Milli Vanilli. Also of note, this song was mixed in Q-sound. I'm sure you will notice the amazing difference, and see why Q-sound caught on and is now the defacto standard for all recordings.

  • Kat Stories
    Heh. Skat Kat gets chased around by some bad guys or something, and then blows them up. I'm not making this up.

  • So Sweet So Young
    Skat Kat and the Mob get told off by some chick. She frontin' the Skat? Damn, yo.

  • I Go Crazy
    Skat Kat gets annoyed by various things after waking up and licking himself. For the second time on this page, I am not making that up.

  • New Kat Swing
    Skat Kat complains about the media doing... something? He seems to be under the delusion that the media is telling lies about him, or in fact, even acknowledges his existence. I have concluded that he is referring to the cartoon media.

  • Skat Kat's Theme
    Skat Kat lays it all on the table in his theme song. Not to mention giving some valuable advice to kids: "Children do the right thing and not the wrong thing." Later on, Fatz encourages you to "Heat up your pants."

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