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A collection of Mp3

Mp3s from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not much else to be said, except that most of these were also contributed by RoofPig.
Master Ninja Theme Song
The Greatest Song Ever.

Credits from the movie "Werewolf"
Mike and the bots go nuts with the nondescript ending theme from "Werewolf"

Where oh Werewolf
Mike sings a 50's style song about his dead werewolf boyfriend. Servo and Crow back him up.

Tubular Boobular Joy
Mike and the bots express the large amounts of semi-nudity contained in "Outlaw," in song.

Crow sings the praises of Estelle Winwood, much to the chagrin of Joel and Servo.

The Pants Song
Joel and the gang sing the praises of pants in this classic.